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Aug 03.2022

Glodon Magazine: g insight - Aug.2022

Digital Twins for Built Environment

Transforming Asset Lifecycle From Design to Handover

The construction industry, although one of the least digitized, has witnessed a significant acceleration in technology adoption in recent years. It holds the potential for higher productivity, more efficient processes, new business models, and sustainable value chains.

Digitalization can be beneficial but disruptive. Meanwhile, the sector confronts significant challenges amid the pandemic and geopolitical risks. Besides, workplace safety, data security, and sustainability issues have mounted more pressure on the industry. Construction activity has already seen a contraction in some major markets.

Advances in digital twin technology present an opportunity to integrate the physical world into the digital world and transform the construction industry, responding to some of today's challenges. Construction professionals should be more prepared and comfortable with using digital twin systems through the project lifecycle to deliver built assets that are economically viable and socially and environmentally positive for current and future generations.

Hope you can find valuable news, market intelligence, and technology insights in this groundbreaking issue that will make your digital twin journey easier.

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