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Glodon Company Limited, as a digital building platform service provider, has been dedicated to data application and technology innovation in the construction industry for over 20 years. We provide professional digital solutions covering the entire lifecycle of buildings with systematic digital capabilities and an open ecosystem connecting partners and clients along the supply chain. We continue expanding our global outreach and have served over 360,000 enterprises in over 6 million completed projects in around 100 countries and regions, including the US, UK, Finland, China, Singapore, Indonesia, etc.

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A Digital Building Platform Service Provider

A Digital Building Platform Service Provider

Digital building refers to the industry strategy of promoting transformation and modernization of the construction industry with information technologies such as BIM, cloud computing, big data, IoT, mobile internet, and AI. The strategy employs advanced lean construction methods and integrates people, processes, data, technologies, and business systems to make all construction processes, factors and stakeholders online, digital, and smart. It creates a new ecosystem that involves projects, enterprises and the entire industry. By promoting industrial innovations featuring digital design, construction and O&M approaches, Glodon aims to improve the industry and achieve the goal of making every project a success.

A Digital Building Platform Service Provider

Further Industry Expansion for Rapid Development

The first company in China’s construction engineering information industry listed on the Shenzhen A-share market in May 2010.

25 Years

Practical Experence


Corporate Clients

6 million+

Construction Projects

10 million+

End Users

Continuous Multi-Businiess Development, For Both Domestic and Overseas Markets

Throughout the lifecycle of every construction project, Glodon is engaged in multiple business segments including Planning and Design, Cost Estimation, Construction, and Operation & Maintenance, involving many forms of business such as tool software, solutions, big data services, mobile APP, cloud computing services, intelligent hardware, and industrial financial services.

Digital Cost Estimation

Digital Cost Estimation

Digital Construction

Digital Construction

Innovative Business

Innovative Business

Investment and M&A

Investment and M&A

Overseas Business

Overseas Business

Firm and Steady Steps toward Internationalization


80 +

Global subsidiaries and branches

100 +

Countries and Regions


Global technology R&D (R&D Centers)

Persistence in R&D Investment, and Focus on Technological Innovation

Glodon focuses on technological innovation, keeps investing in the development of key core technologies, builds an independent intellectual property system, and implements a technology strategy driven by "independent R&D + cooperation + investment and M&A" to provide an effective guarantee for the company's product and business development.

The ratio of R&D investment to revenue in 2019
Revenue Investment

Proportion of R&D talent
in 2022

The ratio of average annual R&D investment to revenue in recent three years
Revenue Investment

The ratio of average annual R&D investment
to revenue in recent three years

1400 +

Software Copyrights

600 +


800 +


0 0%