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    Louvin Apartment

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    West Java, Indonesia

  • Project Type & Description: Apartment

  • Glodon Products Involved: TAS&TRB

The Playground for Millennials-Louvin Apartment with Cubicost

TCI Group – Louvin Apartment

“Established QS Specialist Consultant”

Founded in 1997, TCI Group as a specialist consulting services company “Quantity-Surveyor” (QS) always prioritizes “Blueprint” to avoid potential “conflict of interest” by staying focused and committed to one service business sector, namely "QS Specialist Consultant", so that it does not exceed the capacity and authority to create a construction service agreement healthy, and upholding the principles of interaction of business activities, such as “Quid Legis Sine Moribus” which means that what is the meaning of a business agreement was created but without being accompanied morality in it.


Project Name:  Louvin Apartment

Software Used: 

Project Location:  West Java, Indonesia

Project Type: Apartment

Project Overview:  Louvin is designed as the playground for millennials. Strategically located around 4 universities, the apartment is designed for students with 3 towers over 79.000 sqm land. The building offers co-working space, cycling track, and  amphitheatre  to accommodate student needs.

Core Benefits: 

Ease Clarification Process

Quantity accuracy plays an important role especially as QS and Cubicost has  helped to ease verification process with contractors and minimize human error  throughout the calculation process.

Accelerate Workflow

Cubicost has helped to accelerate users workflow especially during tender process  with tight project timeline. Users can minimize the time spent on cross checking  quantity result.

Elevated Communication and Coordination Process

As Owner, QS, and Contractors are coordinating through the same platform, it  enables all stakeholders to streamline all data and easily trace the project progress from a single file.

What Customers Say About Us?

Ir. Andy Siahaan, M.H. Director of  TCI Group

Cubicost has helped us in terms of quantification work to be more efficient and present an accurate quantity result for Owners. Its 3D visualization also eased the clarification process, we can easily spot the issue and take decision immediately, resulting in highly efficient workflow.