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    Fuzhou Coastal New Region

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    Fuzhou, China

  • Project Type & Description: Park

  • Glodon Products Involved: CIM Integrated Planning, Constructing and Management Platform, BIM5D

The Integration of Planning, Constructing, and Management of a Smart Park with CIM

New technologies such as cloud computing, IoT (internet of things) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) drive the digitalized, electronic and intelligent development of parks. Based on the innovative integrated application covering coordinating, planning and designing, constructing and maintaining and, operation management with CIM, this project aims to explore an integrated, systemized, coordinated, and sustainable development framework and paradigm for smart parks and similar projects.

Fuzhou Coastal New Region is the new sub-center of Fuzhou, the capital of China’s southeastern Fujian Province. Based on the conception of digital twin and by integrating planning, constructing, operation and maintenance, the region plans to build itself into a smart, green and sustainably developed and managed digital area and ecological environment.

Based on the digital twin conception, Glodon uses the CIM (City Information Model) technology, relies on the CIM platform with independent intellectual property and establishes digitalized spatial information infrastructure. Therefore, it provides digitalized consulting, solutions and products for the region’s planning, construction and operation management. This has effectively improved the capabilities and advantages in investment, services and resource integration within this region. What’s more, the company also raises the construction management to a lean level to promote sustainable development of this region.

In this case of Fuzhou Coastal New Region Project, Glodon proposes and applies the integrated solutions of planning, construction and management for the area based on CIM, which serves as a driving force for the project in winning the 2018 China Smart City Award of Excellent Solutions.


Glodon established integrated planning, construction, and management platform with CIM in building the new coastal region. It also produces an application system for the three stages and found two data and operation monitoring centers in order to achieve the focused management and application, and information sharing during the entire lifecycle of the construction process.

i. Planning & Design Phase

In this stage, a CIM (City Information Model) for the new coastal area is established to achieve collaborative planning and real-time data sharing, and combine various planning goals. It can also circumvent planning conflicts to ensure information exchanges and unanimous approval and coordination between different departments.

ii. Constructing Phase

The integrated planning, construction, and management platform enable the exploration of a digitalized new monitoring mode. On the one hand, adopting technologies, including the internet of things (IoT) and intelligent monitoring equipment, can achieve real-time exchange with data at the site. On the other hand, the platform makes a connection with monitoring platforms of the industry. These can make real-time monitoring of the project’s entire life cycle, including checking the blueprints, monitoring the construction and completion delivery, a reality, thus comprehensively promoting the monitoring efficiency of the project.

iii. Operation & Maintenance Phase

With the integrated planning, construction and management platform, relevant sectors can monitor the underground network including drainage, gas and grid, and public facilities such as roads and bridges in real-time. Therefore, critical information of urban security, emergency, and ecological environment can be grasped, ensuring control and multi-level collaboration and raising urban governance level.