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5D BIM Digital Cost Estimation & Management

Makes estimation and cost management less time-consuming, more intuitive, and highly automated. Redefine high-efficiency team tendering by bringing together project cost data, rates, tenders, and cost analysis into a single platform for the team to work on seamlessly and collaboratively.

  • Accumulative Database, Automatic Analysis

    • Data accumulation & Management: TBQ provides several libraries a. BQ library - store all your BQ items. b. Resource library - store your build-up rate details. c. Report templates - can be created and reused, ensuring a consistent format.
    • Data drives Compaign: Intelligent data analysis: Accelerating decision-making process and provide multi-dimensional data analysis reports.
    • Apply and reuse data: By reusing the unit rate and quantity data stored in historical BQ and applying it intelligently to similar project items, you can streamline the estimation process, enhance work efficiency, and improve accuracy in your BQ calculations.
    • Permission management: Set different permissions to different roles in the project to ensure data security, such as read-only mode etc.


  • High Efficiency & Accuracy

    • Collaborative Work: Support online collaboration between different parties.
    • Compile Tender Quickly: Moving from the conventional paper-based working mode to an electronic & intelligent working mode. a. Intelligent identify and backfill functions eliminate processes of manually transcribe BQ and backfill price. b. One Click to Generate a professional and standardized report.
    • Intelligent Handle Addendum: One-click to mark changes and generate change reports.
    • Evaluate Tender Intelligently: a. TBQ Evaluation System: import all tender documents issued by contractors with one click. b. The automatic comparison unction offers you an easy way to evaluate tenders and choose the best one.


  • Data Can be Checked, Compared and Tracked

    • Tender Identify: Intelligent check the reasonability and completeness of tenders.
    • Tender Comparison: Automatic compare and mark the differences of tender versions.
    • Modified Content Visualization: Changed information can be recorded and reviewed.
    • 5D BIM Connected: The BQ's data can be linked to BIM cost model.


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