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MagiCAD for MEP

MagiCAD is the number one BIM solution for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) design used by thousands of companies in over 80 countries worldwide.

MagiCAD makes the design of BIM models easier, faster and more accurate. Fully integrated within Autodesk’s Revit and AutoCAD platforms, MagiCAD offers a set of powerful modelling functions for each MEP discipline and enables integrated system calculations. With MagiCAD, you design with over 1,000,000 intelligent manufacturer-verified BIM objects from leading MEP manufacturers. Additionally, MagiCAD supports many local standards and symbols making it a unique and truly international solution.

EN Brochure MagiCAD for Revit 2021
  • MagiCAD Ventilation

    Ensuring clean, healthy air indoors is one of the most challenging tasks in modern buildings. MagiCAD makes this task easier by providing a set of modelling and productivity enhancing functions that cut down on routine mechanical design work. With MagiCAD, even demanding duct routing solutions are easy to model.

    In addition, MagiCAD enables accurate calculations, adjustments and optimisation of the ventilation systems in the design phase. It offers a large selection of built-in calculations, such as flow summation, sizing, balancing and sound calculations. MagiCAD Ventilation fully integrates within the Revit and AutoCAD software platforms. Read more on magicad.com.


  • MagiCAD Piping

    MagiCAD Piping offers a complete BIM solution for the design and calculation of heating, cooling and domestic water systems, including drainage, sprinkler and specialist systems. It contains a number of productivity and modelling functions that save HVAC designers’ time.

    MagiCAD also provides comprehensive sizing and balancing calculations so that with a few mouse clicks, you can select suitable radiators, add sanitary outlets and then calculate system sizing and balancing for heating, cooling and DWS systems. In addition, you can also use sanitary outlets to calculate diversified drainage flow rates.

    MagiCAD Piping fully integrates within the Revit and AutoCAD software platforms. Read more on magicad.com.


  • MagiCAD Electrical

    MagiCAD Electrical offers a comprehensive BIM solution for the design and calculation of electrical, lighting, telecommunication and data systems. It includes tools that assist with electrical calculations, simplify the drafting of electrical circuiting detail, create switchboard schematics, and provide advanced circuiting functions in synchronisation with drawings. MagiCAD Electrical also provides access to MagiCAD’s product libraries containing a wide range of electrical products with correct geometries and technical data.

    MagiCAD Electrical fully integrates within the Revit and AutoCAD software platforms. Read more on magicad.com


  • MagiCAD Cloud

    MagiCAD Cloud, Europe’s largest BIM library of manufacturer-verified MEP products, offers free limited access to the world’s largest selection of manufacturer-verified BIM objects for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing design with comprehensive functional data for engineering calculations.

    All BIM objects in MagiCAD Cloud are accurately modelled including the needed technical information and verified by manufacturers before they are published. This ensures that the products will fit into the physical spaces as planned in the model. Read more on magicad.com.


  • MagiCAD Schematics

    MagiCAD Schematics provides the first fully integrated schematic creation software to work in synchronisation with AutoCAD and Revit models. The tool provides linking and synchronising of elements between schematic drawings and families in the model, which enables bi-directional data exchange to ensure that the required data is consistent throughout the project. Read more on magicad.com.


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