With BIM as the carrier, Glodon digital cost management solutions can output intelligent, visual and interoperable information models and data through BIM and 3D graphics technology, and provide the overall solution of calculation, pricing and bid evaluation for enterprises, which can help different enterprises reduce capital risks and increase the investment returns of projects in the process of engineering projects.
Engineering cost personnel in full value chain of the construction field.
Digital Costing Value Proposition
Digital Costing of Glodon is oriented to customers in the full value chain of cost. Innovative technology is adopted by Glodon to provide comprehensive solutions for intelligent application of on-the-job personnel, digital management of enterprise-level companies, and accurate services of industry-management-level departments. By means of cloud-based + big data technology, it ensures the data circulation in the cost industry, improves work efficiency for on-the-job personnel, assists enterprise personnel to establish a management ecosystem, and provides market-based transaction data for industry personnel.
Digital Costing Positioning
Digital costing is one of the core businesses of Glodon. Based on the engineering cost industry, Glodon is committed to leading the development of the cost industry with the power of science and technology, and providing the digital solution service of cloud-based+ big data for the customers in the whole value chain of cost.